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Family Groups

Connect With Others

The TOGETHER Project offers therapy services for families who have been affected by opioid abuse. We use a group format, which allows families to connect with others who share similar experiences.  Our program is designed to address the needs of children and teens whose lives have been changed by the opioid abuse of a parent or guardian.  The TOGETHER Project offers groups for children, teens, and their caregiving adults, whether parents, grandparents, other relatives, or family friends. The goals of the groups are to increase resilience, hope, and optimism in children and their families; strengthen family bonds; share coping strategies; prevent a next generation of addiction; and connect families with other community supports as needed.

Each group session has a different theme/topic.  Some group topics include:

Understanding Addiction and Its Impact on the Family

Communicating with the People We Care About

Understanding our Own Feelings and Beliefs

Coping Skills for When Things Are Beyond Our Control

Family Survival Tools

The TOGETHER Project is offered exclusively to children affected by opioid abuse and addiction, and their caregiving adults.

Addiction treatment is NOT offered through this program.  Appropriate referrals for addiction treatment will be made as needed.