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Drug Addiction

Get Help Dealing with Addicted Family Member

When there is a drug addiction, it can feel like finding help is impossible. Here at Lighthouse TOGETHER, we offer help for families of drug addicts. When you're experiencing an addiction in the family, we can help you bring your family back together and start healing.

Reaching out is the first step to getting help dealing with addicted family members. It might not feel like it, but by visiting this website you have taken an important first step in getting help for your family.

We offer counseling and help for families of drug addicts. We know that what you are experiencing can feel like the end of the world, but we also know that we have helped plenty of families just like yours make it through these challenges.

We are here to help your family find your way through addiction recovery.

We Offer Help Dealing with an Addicted Family Member

Our experienced counselors can help your entire family come together and make your way through these challenges.

Drug addiction can change how your family operates. The loved ones you used to rely on might seem like completely different people after their encounter with addiction. Our counseling services can help your family rebuild bonds, connections, and trust after an addiction.

When a family member is recovering, they can be in medical care, away at treatment facilities, and going through some difficult challenges. Through our support, counseling and help for families of drug addicts, your family will have the tools that are needed to better support each other through these challenges.

Our Family Support Services

When someone goes through addiction recovery, it is never easy for the family. Our counseling services can help your family get through this experience together.

Our counselors have worked with families just like yours in the past. We know how challenging addiction can be to navigate. That’s why we act as your guides supporting and counseling your family as you make it through this together.

Reach out to us today when you need help dealing with an addicted family member. Our experienced counselors are here to help your family make it through these challenges together.

When you rely on our counselors, your family can truly start to tackle these challenges and come together.

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